Will the Drive System Change Your Mind?

When a customer walks onto the lot of dealerships they know what they want. They have the make or model of automobile already picked out. At Quirk Ford of Augusta, we know selecting a new car is an important decision, one that will stay with you for years to come. We want to ensure that our customers make the best choice for their new vehicle. One detail always overlooked when considering a new car is the drive system. Most do not appreciate the difference between 4- and all-wheel drive. Here are some things to consider:

4-wheel drive is optimum for driving over various types of terrain, hauling, and towing. All-wheel drives are better on the pavement and ideal for long trips. Luxury cars primarily use all-wheel drive. Depending on who you are, the drive system may just change your mind.

Come down and see us at in Hallowell, ME today, and we will show you the difference first hand.

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