5 Ways To Save Fuel

Everyone wants to get better fuel economy no matter what size vehicle they drive. And with these five easy tips and tools you can get the most out of each mile per gallon.

  • Regular oil changes go a long way to keeping your engine healthy but also help your engine to run at peak efficiency which saves fuel
  • Proper tire pressure. Under-inflated tires create drag on the road and cause your engine to work harder when driving
  • Remove the roof box or bike rack if you aren't using it every day. This is actually a two for one way to improve fuel economy. You are making your car lighter and more aerodynamic
  • Don't speed. The faster you travel the harder your engine has to work. So the faster you drive the more fuel you are using
  • Try your hardest to avoid idling for long periods of time. Idling is one of the worst ways to burn fuel. Sometimes it is very hard to avoid stop dead traffic. But if you know that route home is always backed up try taking another route home.


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