Ford Taurus and the Exciting Technology Features

The popular full-size sedan Ford Taurus is once again making news with the technology features packed in this year's car. Here are a few that will grab your attention for sure.

One of the ways the Taurus is going to keep you safer on the highway is by way of the Blind Spot Information System. If any vehicle begins to move into your blind spot on either side, the mirror on the same side will flash to alert you to stay in your lane. Once clear, the signal will turn off and you can move over safely.

One other feature that is more of a safety feature, the Lane-Keeping System is going to help protect drivers from drifting out of their lanes. If the car is detected rolling over the lines, the steering wheel is going to gently vibrate so you are made aware and can take corrective action.

Come down to Quirk Ford of Augusta and take the Ford Taurus out for a test drive.

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